Natural help, not from pharmaceutical profits. Beat depression naturally!

This worked for me so I can share it honestly, I got tired of people telling me that I needed pharmaceutical drugs to beat my depression, supplements have helped tremendously! Here’s to sharing my success with others! Hope this helps! Much love❤️ smile:)


Look who’s back! Back again!

Hello again! Sorry it has been so long! Here’s an update to what’s been going on:

So, I continue to live positively, that’s the only exception for me, that’s the only person that I am. I have still been on a journey of helping others and that will continue forever. It brings me so much joy to know that I have the capability of making others smile. Smiling is so important in life, even the smallest smiles matter! I continue to encourage others to live in positivity, Love is positive. I have become so close with God on my journey. I have surrendered and given him complete control over my life. It’s a good life to live and I am so grateful to have it:) I’ve learned to see the beauty and love in every circumstance. Recently my family and I have relocated and moved to New York State, I felt something that told me to move here, well, God told me to and I listened! I will keep you updated on what he reveals to me about this move❤️ glad to be back with you all! Much love!! Smile:)

Back again:)

Sorry that it has been so long since I have written my thoughts….

Where do I even start! Life has been a crazy ride..I have gotten very involved in ministering to the lost in outreaches, I have taught a class on celebration to recovery when I thought I was going there for was so much more! This made me realize how much closer I was getting to God, how much he has been so present in my life!

I started a new job and at first I thought it was for income, but it was for so much more, we have been able to create a safe and structured work environment that people enjoy working in and become like family🎁 this has been such a great journey in life and I am so grateful! I wake up everyday and I am so grateful! It’s uplifting others that helps so much for me. I love to be able to help others have a good life. I so look forward to all the great things that God has in store for us! Have a great day and be blessed/happy😊💌

Who is there…

Another draft…the title is “who is there”…wow, just wow. I started this titke weeks ago..and now looking back…I realise that this is how I felt. Alone. I started to write, then just couldn’t. So I started walking, going places. Going to see people. Getting out of the misery that was trying to seep in. At the same time, I started praying more, I took my bible out and I read it. I looked for churches to attend. I put my head phones in and started to listen to some awesome praise music! I learned that when you are too afraid to cast your fears and worries onto someone close to you, give it to God. PRAY always. Thats my way. It helps. Every single time that I am in a dark place, or I feel like I’m underwater, its always the LIGHT that I am looking for. The peace. Everything refers to “the light”…like “the light at the end of the tunnel”…to me, that light, is God. His grace has saved me over and over again. So when you feel alone….just know that you are not. This will pass just like every time before. There will always be light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your head up! Never stop reaching! Never stop. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest warriors. You got this! The victory will be yours.

Weather the storms!!

Going through some saved drafts that I never finished and this title was one of them….this should be proof to anyone who thinks that the only option is to give up, that’s a lie! Dont ever believe that lie! Talk about your feelings! Write about your feelings! Don’t sit in misery. Get up, get dressed, go to Duncan for take out your umbrella and weather that storm! You got this! Our journey isn’t over; rainbows only come after the rain. Weather the storms, find the beauty in the meaning of them and know that they make you stronger! 💓LOVE